Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Odds and Ends

There are just a few remaining things growing in the garden this year. I’ve covered most of the main stuff so all that remains is a little fruit and a whole lotta flowers!



I’m not sure what variety are planted here as they precede me but I can tell you that I have a continuous row of them that spans about sixty feet. Last year we collected enough fruit off of them to make a couple of cobblers. I’m hoping for greater yields this year.


Magic Carpet Petunia


Cottage Queen Petunia


Thunbergia Alata Mix


Sunny Lady Pastel Mix Impatiens





Celebrity Pink Morn Petunia



Celebrity Rose Star Petunia


Cat Grass


Dwarf Sunflower

(undetermined variety)



That concludes the 2013 Dragonfly Garden tour! Whew!!  There are a few other things tucked away here and there but I figured it best to only list the items that I personally start from seed. The sowing season is in full swing here and I’m planning on doing an update on the current state of the garden soon.

This time of the year is always so exciting! It’s a race to the finish line (the last frost) and I’m hanging on by my teeth trying to stay organized and get everything done. I don’t feel as organized this year as I have in years past but I’ve learned to just roll with it. Gardening should always be a labor of love. If it ever starts to be just a labor than it’s time to hang up those gardening gloves.

I’ll probably be buried in mine!


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